Statistical Forecasting Is Our Business

Meteo Service is a software company that is focused on the development of highly efficient software systems for forecasting measurement data. Our systems are widely used in many areas, particularly in the meteorology, aviation, environmental techniques, energy industry, hydrology and in other geoscience applications.

• Current world-wide weather forecasts made by Meteo Service [-> ...view forecast graphics]

At Meteo Service you can subscribe to current weather forecasts for numerous cities and places around the whole world. For demonstration Meteo Service provides some current forecast graphics for demonstrational purposes. These are updated four times a day and cover some selected locations in Germany.

You want to learn more about the MSwr-MOS-system or are interested in individual solutions for your special needs? Read more about MSwr-MOS, or contact us by phone or email. Meteo Service is welcome to acquire a solution together with you.

METEO SERVICE weather research GmbH provides...




• Scientific projects and research in statistical forecast technologies

Meteo Service develops statistical forecasting systems for application in meteorological and environmental tasks and for the energy industry, the aviation and more.
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• Development of sophisticated individual forecasting systems

Meteo Service steadily enhances its software. Because of its modular structure it is highly adaptable to many different needs of our customers.
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• Generation and distribution of current operational statistical forecast products

The operational standard system by Meteo Service, MSwr-MOS, produces worldwide forecast sets for selected locations. You can buy these standard forecasts or order your individual forecast set by providing your own observation data.
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