MSwr-MOS - Our Customizable Weather Forecasting System

Updated four times a day, for worldwide locations.

Meteo Service runs its own MOS-based weather forecasting system on an operational basis. It is based on weather observation stations, and the numerical model GFS (Global Forecasting System) provided by the US National Weather Service (NWS). At the moment we provide current MOS weather forecasts for selected locations with an update cycle of six hours. The forecast sets contain about 40 standard elements and have a range of six days from issue time.

Current operational example forecasts MSwr-MOS

At this time we provide a visualisation of current temperature and weather condition forecasts for some selected german locations for demonstrational purposes. For one station we provide a complete set of all elements available.

You are interested in buying MSwr-MOS-forecast sets or individual solutions for your special needs?

Meteo Service offers:

  • Download of current forecast sets for locations of our standard data pool

    A list of available locations and a descriptive list of forecast elements are available for download. Please contact us for more information about our price list and other conditions.

  • We develop forecast equations for standard elements and produce individual forecast sets for your own observation data

    You have your own observation data sets which conform to elements of our MSwr-MOS element list? We develop equations with MSwr-MOS as basis and provide your individual forecast sets for download from our web service. Please contact us for making an individual plan and price for your special needs.